25 Home Remedies For Body Odor

Social life plays an important role in the lifestyle that people choose and yearn for, and among the many factors that could affect social life, and make you particularly conscious of when getting close up with people, is body odor. Ultimately, it’s all about two things – sweat and bacteria. The tough part is that the two are intertwined and you cannot wish them out of your life. However, the combined product of the two, body odor, can definitely be managed effectively, and that too through home remedies for body odor.

Body Odour Causes

body odor

The 3 – 4 million sweat glands in the body perform an extremely important task of controlling the body temperature and regulating it, in accordance with variations in outside temperature. This is particularly the job of the kind of sweat glands called eccrine glands, which are found all over the body, along the skin. The other kind of sweat gland, which are called apocrine glands, are mainly concentrated in arm pits, areas surrounding the genitals and in arm pits.

In general, eccrine glands would not be a cause of botheration as far as body odor is concerned, as they do not cause body odor until and unless the sweat they produce has been acted upon by bacteria. The main cause of body odor lies with the apocrine glands, which are known to release scented chemicals called pheromones. Further, the sweat produced by the apocrine glands are also high in protein content, which makes it an even more attractive meal for bacteria – and when components in the high protein sweat are broken down, they lead to instant body odor. As you would guess, the proportion of body odor increases or decreases based on the level of sweat production by the apocrine glands, as well as by the amount of bacteria in action on your body. Some types of bacteria that are found on the skin, such as Corynebacterium, produces certain enzymes that break down lipids in sweat into smaller molecules, and these smaller molecules produce the characteristic smells that are typically associated with body odor.

Home Remedies for Body Odor

Wheat Grass for Body Odor

Wheatgrass is the common term used for powdered or other forms of food made from the wheat plant. The process of making wheatgrass is different from that involved in wheat malt, but wheatgrass has been known for its medicinal properties and health benefits, including its role as a natural remedy for body odor. The main reason for wheatgrass being so effective a home remedy for body odor is that it is high in chlorophyll content, along with being a good source of vitamins, minerals as well as live enzymes.

whear grass

Wheatgrass is not only easy to grow and cultivate, but is also widely available in powdered form commercially. Wheatgrass is known to detoxify the body and also acts as a blood purifier, properties which may have a direct correlation with wheatgrass being natural treatment for body odor. It is best to squeeze around 30 ml of wheatgrass as juice, or mix a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder and have it twice or thrice a day before food, as effective home remedies for body odor.

Baking Soda and Lemon for Body Odor

If you thought baking soda was just for baking, you may be excused for being naive. The good old baking soda could be used effectively to get rid of body odor, because you know by now that body odor is not caused by sweat but by the bacteria on the skin that break down sweat further. Baking soda helps in eliminating the sweat causing bacteria, and hence acts as a natural remedy for body odor.

baking soda

You could plainly apply some baking soda, less than a handful, around your arm pit and squeeze a dash of lemon on to the area. You could find that the body odor would have disappeared, as baking soda and lime are known to be tough on bacteria that cause body odor, thus proving to be effective home remedies for body odor.

Baking Soda and Cornstarch for Body Odor

baking soda

Baking soda does not necessarily pair with lemon alone to help you treat body odor. Another partner that would do the job for you would be cornstarch. Baking soda and cornstarch could be mixed in equal quantities, to form, what could be called, a natural deodorant. The mixture could be applied to dried under arms, beneath the breasts, or along the folds of the arm, after you have washed and dried the area. You might perhaps wish to add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture to make it smell good, even as you enjoy freshness from the effective home remedies for body odor.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Body Odor


Apple cider vinegar has more uses than one. And when it comes to the natural remedies for body odor, apple cider vinegar comes to the rescue again. Apple cider vinegar is known to be tough on bacteria and germs and could be used to wipe your underarms after you have taken a thorough bath. You could soak a clean piece of cloth or towel, kept specifically for the purpose, in Apple Cider Vinegar and pat it gently on your underarms or wipe it so that the apple cider vinegar does its job and eliminates the odor producing bacteria. You could use this frequently and regularly as effective home remedy for body odor.

Rose Water for Body Odor

This natural remedy for body odor is also a refreshing one, which would make you relish the fragrance and enjoy the freshness. And the remedy is simple enough – if you are used to taking bath at leisure in the bath tub, you could add a few drops of rose water in it before you indulge. Or, you could add a few drops of rose water to the water that you would bathe in, and relish the fragrance while you bathe.


The good thing is that rose water is not only good to smell, but is also good on the skin – rose water is known to be a natural moisturiser for the skin, and is also widely used as home remedy for acne. Rose water, when added to bathing water and bathed in, eliminates the need for deodorants after bath, and it is a useful home remedy for body odor.

Baby Powder for Body Odor

baby powder

While we realise that we are not prescribing home remedies for babies, we stress that baby products are kind and gentle on adults, and would come in handy in such situations as cure for body odor. After taking bath and drying with a clean towel, you may want to apply baby powder to your sweaty spots, which would control sweat for a good deal of time, and hence proving to be a useful home remedy for body odor.

Tea Tree Oil for Body Odor

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil has had historical relevance over the years for its effectiveness in dealing with germs and bacteria, and for its usefulness in skin care. The components found in tea tree oil, called terpenoids, are known for their antiseptic powers. A few drops of Tea tree oil could be mixed in water and applied on to the sweaty areas of the skin after bath as effective home remedies for body odor.

Sage Tea for Body Odor

saga tea

Another effective home remedy for body odor is sage tea. Sage is a herb that is commonly used as tincture as well as a spice, while the extract is used as a carminative or as a stimulant. While sage tea provides a host of health benefits, sage tea is also known to control perspiration. Sage tea recipe is simple, involving boiling of an ounce of dried sage leaves in a pint of water, and letting it cool to consume. You could add sugar and lemon to add to the taste, which would blend to produce a good home remedy for body odor.

Turnip Juice for Body Odor

Turnip is known for its rather unique smell and flavour, and would come in handy as a natural remedy for body odor. Turnip could be grated and squeezed through cloth to form turnip juice.

turnip juice

Turnip juice could be applied on to the underarm, which would eliminate body odor. Further, if you would like to have it the healthy way, you might want to consider drinking turnip juice on a regular basis as a health supplement. Turnip is known for its high content of Vitamin C and also for its powers to improve blood circulation. Consuming healthy doses of turnip, drinking turnip juice and applying squeezed turnip juice would be effective home remedies for body odor.

White Vinegar for Body Odour

white vinegar

One useful home remedy that would eliminate body odour along with any need for using deodorants would be the use of white vinegar on the underarms. You could take a cotton ball, moist it with a dose of white vinegar and rub it in your underarms for effective relief against body odour. If you are concerned about the smell of vinegar remaining in place, you could be sure that it would fade away in quick time, leaving your arm pits odour free for hours.

Glycerine and Radish for Body Odour


One effective home remedy for body odour would involve glycerine added to fresh radish juice. You could prepare your own home made deodorant using a couple of dozen radish juice with a quarter of a teaspoon of added glycerine. You could fill this deodorant up in spray top bottle and spray it on your armpits, or you could apply this deodorant on the underarms for effective relief from body odour. The home-made deodorant would remain fresher for long when kept in cold storage in the refrigerator.

Potatoes for Body Odour


One simple home remedy for body odour would be to rub sliced up potatoes on to your under arms, which would prevent sweating and minimise body odour from emanating from under your arm pits.

Witch Hazel for Body Odour

witch hazel

Another useful home remedy for body odour would be the use of witch hazel, am astringent by nature, derived from the leaves and bark of the witch hazel shrub. Witch hazel could be dabbed on the underarms using cotton balls or splashed in the area to make use of its deodorising properties.

Lemon for Body Odour


You could enjoy an odour-free underarm with the help of the popular astringent, the little citric fruit, lemon. Lemon has its own set of cleansing and anti-bacterial properties that make it ideal to be used in the armpit as effective home remedies for body odour.

Diet and Lifestyle for Body Odour

While you could benefit from all of the mentioned home remedies for body odour, taking care of your diet for body odour and bringing about some simple lifestyle changes could go a long way in eliminating body odour.

Take Bath Twice or Thrice a Day


In the height of summer, it is difficult to stay fresh and with fragrance if you have not considered washing up yourself more than once. If taking bath thrice is too much to ask for, you could consider washing your arm pits with soap or at least, splashing water in the area to keep the body cool and avoid exorbitant sweating in extreme weather conditions.

Shave Your Underarms

If you are new to the concept of shaving your underarms or if you have the habit of postponing your next shave in the armpit area, you may have to change. Hair growth in the armpit not only traps excessive sweat in the region, but also turns out to be a happy hunting ground for bacteria, which would emanate more body odour than a well shaved underarm. Shaving your underarms would go well with some of the other home remedies for body odour that you may take up to stay fresh all day.

Strong Flavoured Food and Body Odor


Body odour is not just a reflection of heat or the sweat that emanates from the sweat glands, but is also a function of what you eat and consume for your diet. People with problems of persistent body odour would do well to avoid eating hot and spicy food, at least when they are up for some important meetings or when they are out to go on a much awaited date. Avoid spicy food and strong flavours such as garlic and onions for effective home remedies for body odour.

Alcohol and Body Odour


It is by the same logic as strongly flavoured food that alcohol also plays a role in the increase in body odour. If you have body odour problems, you may want to see how you fare if you put a hold on alcohol consumption and decide for yourself about your choice between alcohol and body odour when it matters the most.

Chlorophyll Content and Body Odour


You may wish to switch over to food that is high in chlorophyll content to go with home remedies for body odour. Foods that are rich in chlorophyll content would be greens and spinach, with their rich vitamin and mineral contents and their availability in a range of varieties and flavours. When you couple consumption of foods with high levels of chlorophyll content with reduction in hot and spicy food as well as cutting down on alcohol consumption, you could expect good results in terms of reduction in body odour.

Red Meat and Body Odour

Experiments have pointed to some kind of relationship between eating red meat and smelling worse than the non-meat eaters. It is thought that the undigested foods that are high in proteins and fats are excreted from the body, and some of these excreta may very well find their way to the surface of the body through the circulatory system and through the skin, with sweat.

red meat

Given that bacteria and a host of other fauna that thrive on skin surfaces would love to eat up these remains of proteins and fats, it might make sense to eliminate such foods from your diet that could lead the bacteria to celebrate and rejoice at the treat. Consumption of foods that are low on fats and proteins, as in the case of red meat, might be one more step that you could take to complement home remedies for body odour.

Obesity and Body Odour

It may not strike as obvious, but obesity has a lot to do with body odour. The primary reason is that obese people are likely to have many more skin folds than the ones with normal body weight, which means that there are reduced chances of air flow in regions of the body marked by skin overlap. Hence, you shouldn’t be surprised if you could feel your body emanating body odour if you are on the heavier side.


You may want to take extra care if you are obese, by taking additional efforts such as taking bath one more time or using that baby powder or talcum powder in the right places to eliminate scope for body odour.

Synthetic Garments and Body Odour

Synthetic textiles and dresses may look good and make you feel smart, but they may not be of much help when it comes to control of body odour. The primary reason is that synthetic dress materials are known to be more opaque than their porous counterparts, such as cotton attire, which means that synthetic dresses are more likely to stop airflow and worse, to trap sweat.


Trapped sweat, in the absence of ventilation, is only expected to be good breeding ground for bacteria, which would invariably lead to body odour. If it is summer with high temperatures and if you are prone to body odour for any of the reasons discussed, you would be better off wearing cotton clothing that would let some air through and be in line with your home remedies for body odour.

Wear Easy Fitting Garments

One simple solution that would go with home remedies for body odour would be to wear easy fitting dresses that aren’t cut too close to your body, and are made of materials that are summer friendly if it is the hot season. Clothes that are tight fit may look fashionable but wouldn’t serve your purpose of eliminating body odour.

Avoid Processed Food for Body Odour

While meat eating could be one of the causes of body odour, you might also want to avoid consuming processed food even if you were a strict vegetarian. Processed food is found to be lacking in sufficient fibre content, tends to be too refined to have some of the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, is likely to have added sugars and preservatives and may have added colours and flavours which may not agree with everyone.


When you are taking up home remedies for body odour, you would also be well advised to avoid taking processed food and change over to whole grain food as well as consume lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables.

Medical Conditions and Body Odour

While body odour is a perfectly natural phenomenon common to all people alike, some may be more prone to body odour and the reasons may have to do with existing medical conditions. It is important to identify the exact causes of body odour, if they have to do with your personal hygiene, if they are the result of your food habits and diet, or if they are related to medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, liver or kidney diseases, or due to certain skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. If you suspect your body odour is not normal and may have special causes, you might want to consult a physician and do a comprehensive diagnostic test to identify the underlying reasons for body odour, before you take up home remedies for body odour as the only solution forward.