23 Home Remedies For Adenoids

Home Remedies For Adenoids

Home Remedies For Adenoids

Adenoids and tonsils are referred to as one entity and are referred to jointly by their common function – prevention of infection and protection against bacteria. The difference, however, is in the fact that you could spot your tonsils as you stand in front of the mirror and look into your open mouth; adenoids, on the other hand, may not be all that obvious to look at, since they are lumps of lymphatic tissues that are located at the backside of the nasal track. 

They are functionally similar to tonsils, but they are located further up, towards the top of the throat. Adenoids play an important role in the prevention of infections in kids, but as kids grow older, they tend to shrink and become smaller, even as their importance in protecting the human body against infections gets reduced. With age, the body develops other means of fighting against common infections rather than relying solely on adenoids. Adenoids become a problem when they become enlarged, known as enlarged adenoids.

Enlarged Adenoids Causes

Adenoids are made up of a group of blood cells, whose job is to produce antibodies, the germ and bacteria-fighting proteins meant to counteract foreign particles in the human body. The typical reaction of the adenoids in the case of infection is inflammation, causing the adenoids to enlarge.

Symptoms of Enlarged Adenoids

When there is inflammation and adenoids enlargement, you could find the following symptoms:

Foul breath
Dry mouth
Mouth breathing due to blocked nasal passage, initially at nights but increasingly in day time as well
Altered sound during speech

Home Remedies For Adenoids

Gargle With Salt Water

Gargle With Salt Water For Adenoids

One of the trusted, tested and most popular home remedies for adenoids enlargement, along with many other benefits with regard to throat conditions, is to gargle a mixture of common table salt or rock salt in warm water and rinse the mouth and the buccal cavity thoroughly. This prevents infections in early stages and helps in treatment of infections.

Boiled Milk With Pepper And Turmeric Powder

Pepper has long been known for its anti-bacterial properties and is an anti-oxidant. Turmeric is one of the most potent herbs, powerful enough to provide effective relief from a whole gamut of infections and ailments. You could grind 5 or 6 black peppers and mix it in boiled milk with a pinch of turmeric powder. You could consume a glass of this effective solution thrice a day for soothing comfort on the throat and as a useful home remedy for adenoids enlargement.

Milk And Turmeric Powder For Adenoids

Vegetable Juice With Beetroot, Carrot and Cucumber

Vegetables are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and all the vital nutrients required to fight a range of infections. You could form some of the effective home remedies for adenoids enlargement with a hot soup made of vegetable juices, including beetroot, carrot and cucumber for relief from symptoms of, and quick cure from, adenoids enlargement. Beetroot is a rich source of Vitamin C and iron, with known properties that boost the immune system.

Vegetable Juice For Adenoids

Carrot is a rich source of beta-carotene and vitamin A, along with its anti-septic characters and its ability to cleanse teeth and mouth, improving oral hygiene. And cucumber is rich in antioxidants, along with rich contents of beta-carotene and vitamin C. The combination of the three vegetables, with their nutrients preserved and made available to the human body in the form of vegetables juices and soups, is an effective home remedy for adenoids enlargement.

Gargle Onion Juice With Warm Water For Adenoids Enlargement

Onions are known not just for their crisp textures, their strong flavours and their universal applications, but also for their immense health benefits. Onions are storehouses of many vitamins and minerals, ranging from Vitamins A, B and C, and are reliable sources of folic acid, calcium, magnesium, chromium, phosphorous and iron. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of onion are useful as home remedies for adenoids enlargement, when you mix onion juice in water that is warm enough to tolerate and gargle the solution.

Onion Juice For Adenoids

Garlic For Adenoids Enlargement

Garlic is from the Allium family, with an active component called Allicin, the chemical that is extracted from garlic for many of its potential health benefits. Garlic is known for its antibiotic properties and for its ability to prevent and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Garlic cloves could be used as home remedies for adenoids enlargement, by grinding two or three garlic cloves, mixing them with honey and consuming during infections involving adenoids enlargement.

Garlic For Adenoids

Lemon With Ginger And Honey

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and has the ability to boost the immune system. Ginger is particularly useful in conditions of cold and flu, since it has the ability to promote healthy sweating, detoxifying the body and helping the body get rid of harmful bacteria through sweat, after they have been neutralised by the antiseptic properties of ginger. Lemon is known to be a powerful antibacterial agent, in addition to being a storehouse of Vitamin C with considerable reserves of niacin and thiamine.

is known for its antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, used in a variety of infections and inflammatory conditions, including those involving the throat and buccal cavity. You could formulate a useful home remedy for adenoids enlargement by mixing ginger powder and honey in warm water, adding a dash of lemon to the mixture and consuming it twice a day till you emerge out of the infection.

Lemon, Ginger And Honey For Adenoids

Garlic Oil For Adenoids Enlargement

With all the health benefits associated with the powerful garlic, you could pour around two or three drops of garlic oil into the ears, making the child with adenoids enlargement lie down, as a useful home remedy for adenoids enlargement.

Garlic Oil For Adenoids

Olive Oil For Adenoids Enlargement

One more home remedy for adenoids enlargement that you could make use of by administering in the ears, involves olive oil. A teaspoon of olive oil could be warmed up, let to cool down and administered in the ears, twice or thrice a day for a few days, for effective relief from infections involving adenoids enlargement.

Olive Oil For Adenoids

Echinacea For Adenoids Enlargement

Echinacea purpurea are herbs that have been used for centuries in the treatment of many ailments and as an effective medium in the prevention of infections and other related conditions. The roots of the herb are rich in volatile oils and the plant above the ground is known for its high levels of polysaccharides that are known to trigger the activity of the immune system. Echinacea are available in the forms of tablets, capsules as well as tinctures. You could make a tea out of around 2 grams of the dried roots and consume thrice a day for seven days for improvement of the infectious conditions. It has been observed that the herb and its extracts tend to work better as home remedies for adenoids enlargement if they were taken in the initial days of the infection rather than later.

Precautions with Echinacea: While the herbs, both in the plant form as well as in their roots, are found to be quite effective in the treatment of adenoids enlargement, you might want to consult a trained herbal remedies practitioner or a paediatrician when it comes to dealing with infectious conditions in children.

Echinacea For Adenoids

Myrrh Oil Inhalation For Adenoids Enlargement

Myrrh has been traditionally used in a host of applications when it comes to treating health conditions and ailments and myrrh comes in handy as an effective home remedy for adenoids enlargement as well. Myrrh is found to have many of the useful properties for human body, as in the case of analgesic and antiseptic properties. Myrrh has been found to increase the white blood cell count in the body and is also a powerful antioxidant capable of protecting body tissues from damage by free radicals.

Myrrh extract is useful in the treatment of throat and chest congestion and in alleviating infections of the respiratory tract, being used as an expectorant. Myrrh oil, with its healing properties, could be used as a form of aromatherapy, adding the drops of oil to steam inhalation procedures as a useful home remedy for adenoids enlargement.

Myrrh Oil Inhalation For Adenoids

Myrrh as Mouthwash For Adenoids Enlargement

Adenoids enlargement has a lot to do with oral hygiene and it would help to use myrrh oil, with its myriad healing powers, as an herbal mouthwash. You could benefit from myrrh oil as a home remedy for adenoids enlargement as you add a few drops of the essential oil to regular mouth rinses and gargle the solution for good relief from infectious conditions.

Myrrh Oil Precautions: While Myrrh oil could also be found in many herbal formulations, used as home remedies for adenoids enlargement as well as for other ailments, it needs to be noted that myrrh oil is also an abortifacient and should not be used by pregnant women.

Myrrh as Mouthwash For Adenoids

Lemon Tea For Adenoids Enlargement

One useful and delicious home remedy for adenoids enlargement involves lemon tea. Lemon is an astringent, rich in Vitamin C and known for its antibacterial actions. You could add lemon to a cup of steaming tea without added milk as one of the effective home remedies for adenoids enlargement.

Lemon Tea For Adenoids

Aloe Vera For Adenoids Enlargement

Aloe Vera is one of the favourites when it comes to home remedies for Adenoids Enlargement. Aloe Vera is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, on account of its vast vitamin resources including Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and C, making it a potent force to reckon with when it comes to home remedies for adenoids enlargement. Aloe Vera is also a storehouse of minerals such as copper, potassium calcium, zinc, sodium and iron, a combination that would make it the perfect cure for many ailments. You could drink around 15 ml of raw Aloe Vera juice diluted 10 times in water, once or twice a day, for effective relief from adenoids enlargement.

Aloe Vera For Adenoids

Other Home Remedies For Adenoids Enlargement:

Vitamin C For Adenoids Enlargement

It would help to have a high level of Vitamin C intake as home remedies for Adenoids Enlargement. Vitamin C is known to fight infections, boost immunity levels of the body and is also found to hasten up the healing process. You could get high levels of Vitamin C from animal sources such as calf lever, beef liver and oysters, and from plant sources as in the case of plums, Indian gooseberry, green peppers, guava, blackcurrant, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, Brussels sprouts, papaya, oranges, lemon and tomatoes, among others.

Vitamin C For Adenoids

Eat Raw Vegetables and Fresh Fruits For Adenoids Enlargement

You might want to consume high levels of raw vegetable as well as fresh fruits to ensure a good supply of vitamins, minerals and natural nutrients that would boost your immune system, detoxify the body and give your body the natural ability to fight infections, acting as effective home remedies for adenoids enlargement. Consumption of raw vegetables and fresh fruits prevents the infection from worsening and helps in quick recovery from the infectious conditions.

Eat Raw Vegetables For Adenoids

Avoid People who Smoke

It has been established through scientific research that children exposed to passive smoking tended to have their adenoids enlargement problems worsened, with rampant throat and respiratory infections. Home remedies for adenoids enlargement should go hand in hand with a smoke-free environment.

Quit Smoking For Adenoids

Hygiene For Adenoids Enlargement

Given that adenoids enlargement has much to do with external at area infections, it is important to ensure that good hygiene practices are followed at home. Home remedies for adenoids enlargement should be coupled with clean and hygienic practices, such as regular washing of hands with a mild sanitizer.

Hygiene For Adenoids

Hydration Levels For Adenoids Enlargement

Home remedies for adenoids enlargement should involve equal measures to ensure that the throat area is not left dry and to ensure that there is no dehydration possibility, given that levels of medication during infection could be high.

Drink Water For Adenoids

Avoid Acidic Beverages and Foods

Home remedies for adenoids enlargement should also involve reduction in consumption of acidic foods and beverages. High levels of acidic food consumption could lead to metabolic acidosis, where there are high levels of acid produced in the body. You would not want such a problem to occur when you are recovering from an infectious condition. Foods that you could avoid include:

a. Foods rich in grains such as wheat, oat bran, oatmeal and barley
b. Foods with high levels of proteins from animal sources, as in the case of fish, bacon, turkey, poultry and lamb
c. Legumes such as lentils, red beans, green peas, black peas and chick peas
d. Nuts and nut milks, as in the case of cashews, peanuts and walnuts, soy milk and rice milk
e. Alcoholic beverages such as beer, spirits and wine
f. Soft drinks that may be high in corn syrup and caffeine
g. Coffee, obviously

Avoid Spicy Foods: Spicy foods would irritate the throat and are best avoided as home remedies for adenoids enlargement.

Avoid Spicy Foods For Adenoids

Avoid Fried Food: Fried foods that ate high in oils tend to cause negative effects on the throat and the respiratory tract; it’s best to avoid fried foods as home remedies for adenoids enlargement.

Avoid Sour Foods: Sour foods and drinks are not good when you have a bad throat. Home remedies for adenoids enlargement would work better without sour foods like buttermilk and pickles.

Avoid Sugary Foods and Sweets: Sugar provides the conditions that are just right for infection and you wouldn’t want to jeopardise the effectiveness of home remedies for adenoids enlargement by consuming large quantities of sugary substances such as frozen desserts, cakes or chocolates.

Avoid Talking for Long Durations: When you speak for long durations, you put undue stress on the throat, which could worsen infections. Resting and staying silent are basic home remedies for adenoids enlargement.

Preventing Adenoids Enlargement

There are simple steps that you could follow or ask your child to do to prevent adenoids enlargement:

1. Responsible toilet hygiene involving proper washing and cleanliness
2. Inculcating clean habits of regular washing of hands
3. Coughing or sneezing into handkerchiefs or tissues
4. Washing of hands after coughing or sneezing
5. Staying away from smokers and avoiding passive smoking
6. Regular gargling with salt solution in warm water or by using herbal mouthwashes such as myrrh oil infused solutions

Other Treatment Options For Adenoids Enlargement

While home remedies for adenoids enlargement have been tried and tested to be considered effective, you may also want to know the other kinds of treatment options available for adenoids enlargement.

Antibiotics For Adenoids

The general form of treatment of adenoids enlargement involves administering doses of antibiotics to quell the infection and to neutralise the effects of germs and harmful bacteria. Antibiotics are the first course of treatment options that may be resorted to as you visit a physician, though the effectiveness of antibiotics in cases of recurring infections and inflammations involving adenoids enlargement is questionable.

Antibiotics For Adenoids

Surgical Removal Of Adenoids

Surgery is an option when it comes to adenoids treatment, if there are recurring conditions of adenoids infections as well as ear and throat infections despite other treatments being administered. That apart, surgery for adenoids may also be recommended as the preferred treatment option if the infection leads to consistent difficulty in normal breathing or when adenoids infection causes problems in the ear and in hearing.

Surgery for adenoids enlargement is done with administration of general anaesthesia and does not involve cutting through skin – the surgery is done through open mouth where the adenoids are removed and the blood vessels cauterised. Surgery may follow some bleeding though it could be stopped and healed. There could also be temporary swelling following surgery for adenoids enlargement. In most cases, the symptoms associated with adenoids enlargement tend to vanish after recovery.

Surgical Removal Of Adenoids

Homeopathy For Adenoids

Common homeopathy treatments for adenoids enlargement involve a tincture of Hydrastis and glycerine introduced into the nostrils, administration of Calcarea phosphorica or Calcarea iodide, Tuberculinum or Agraphis nutans. Homeopathy for Adenoids is considered to be an alternative to surgery.

Homeopathy For Adenoids