5 Home Remedies For Detoxify The Body

Home Remedies For Detoxify The Body


Home Remedies For Detoxify The Body

Did you know that just as we groom and clean our body externally when it gets dirty, there is a requirement to cleanse the internal body as well? Known as detoxification, cleaning the body internally is different as compared to cleaning our body externally where, we can see the external dirt and grime being washed away. 

Eliminating the toxins accumulated in our body through stools, urine and sweat can be termed as detoxification. Our body eliminates impurities with the help of liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, skin etc. naturally. When the toxins get accumulated in the body due to various problems which inhibit the elimination process, they have to be eliminated with the help of external aids like food, medicine and change of food habits.

Need of Detoxifying The Body

Before I move on to some home remedies for detoxifying the body, let us be aware of the need to detoxify the body. Due to pollution, wrong eating habits, sedentary lifestyle the natural mechanism of elimination of the body toxins becomes less effective, this is where detoxifying the body with a diet, proper lifestyle etc. comes in. Detoxifying the body is necessary as the toxins in the body give rise to many diseases.

Symptoms That Body Needs a Detoxification

The accumulated toxins in the body give rise to many diseases, lethargy feeling, body pains, cramps, skin rashes, weight gain, bloating, water retention etc. When you don’t have any major medical issue and you notice these symptoms it’s time for a detoxification.

Types of Detoxification

Some ways of detoxifying the body are juice fasting, enemas, colon cleanses, cabbage soup dieting and herbal detoxification. Generally these have to be undertaken under expert supervision.

Home Remedies For Detoxifying The Body


Drink Water For Detoxifying The Body

Water is a wonderful, calorie free drink which works as a superb detoxifying agent. Drink at least eight glasses of water throughout the day. Water facilitates proper bowel movements and the proper functioning of kidneys. So, maximum toxins get eliminated via stools and urine.


Beetroots contain a compound called betaine which helps the liver to breakdown fats and stimulates it to drive out the toxins. It also contains iron, calcium, vitamins, proteins and dietary fiber. It helps in smooth bowel movements. You may have it in the form of a salad, juice, soup or add it to your tossed vegetables. I love to munch on boiled beetroots as I consider them a healthy way to satiate sugar cravings too. Try it out.

Beetroot For Detoxifying The Body

Castor Oil

This is an ancient home remedy for detoxification used by the Egyptians. You may have it internally or apply it externally.Taken internally it cleanses the colons and liver. However if you use it internally for a laxative purpose frequently it may actually lead to constipation. Externally it can be applied on the skin and then washed off. It eliminates the toxins and stimulates circulation, inflammation and pain is also reduced.

Castor Oil For Detoxifying The Body


Fennel is an aromatic herb used for culinary and medicinal purposes. It contains the anti oxidant anethole which imparts carminative properties to fennel. Hence it treats flatulence by expelling the intestinal gas. It is also said to purify the blood and urine due to its diuretic properties. Fennel seeds can be chewed after a meal to reduce bloating, constipation and to aid digestion. It can be added to tea and had on a regular basis. Fennel bulbs can be chopped and added to food as a garnish.

Fennel For Detoxifying The Body


Wheatgrass is prepared from the cotyledons of the wheat plant. It has chlorophyll, minerals, amino acids etc. Wheatgrass contains vitamins B, C, E and carotene which play an important role in destroying and eliminating free radicals. It helps in oxygenation as it helps the body to build red blood cells which carry oxygen to every cell in the body.

Wheatgrass For Detoxifying The Body

Wheatgrass cleanses the blood, different organs and gastrointestinal tract. It helps to eliminate internal hardened mucous and stools and hence detoxifies the body. Nearly 30 ml of fresh wheatgrass juice is equal to having 1 kg. of leafy vegetables.It can be grown at home and had in the form of a juice, as juice bars, in the form of a powder, tablets etc. After the toxins from the body are eliminated you are steered onto a path of good health and are able to avoid many diseases. There is a significant weight loss and general feeling of well being.

5 Home Remedies For Detoxify The Body