14 Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

Mouth sores can develop anywhere in the mouth cavity, they can come inside inner cheeks, gums, lips, or on palate. They are not contageaus, i. e. they do not spread from one person to the other.

It is very common, every body experiences it once in a while. Usually it goes away in a week or so. Women tend to get them more often than the men.

Types of Mouth Ulcers

There are broadly three types of mouth ulcers. The first is the minor ulcer which is the most common one. They may appear as single ulcers or in groups, but they are less than a centimeter in size and get alright within a week or two. The second type is the major ulcer which are bigger then than 1 centimeter in diameter.

They are very painful and can take a month to heal, they are also likely to leave a scar in the mouth. In the third type, called herpetiform ulcer, there are many pin-head sized ulcers placed in clusters. Often they fuse to form a bigger ulcer. They heal in a fortnight or may take one month. Sometimes the ulcers appear very frequently, they are called recurring ulcers.

Causes of Mouth Ulcers

Ill fitting dentures and medicines can cause mouth ulcers, but most of the time it is the result of some illness. Sometimes a broken and sharp tooth is the culprit, whereas at other times our braces may have done it. Sometimes we inadvertently bite our tongue, cheek or lip, the sores develop because of that. At times we burn our mouth because of too hot drinks. Those who chew tobacco are also at risk.

They can also appear because of hormonal changes, specially because of menstruation, or stress. They are also seen to occur because of exposure to sun. Certain deficiencies can also cause them, especially of vitamin B 12.

Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers


Garlic For Mouth Ulcers

Rub a slice of garlic two to three times a day. Garlic has an organic compound allicin which is antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial. Thus it hastens the recovery from ulcer. Rub the garlic slice for 2 minutes. Do not eat or drink for another 15 minutes.


Turmeric paste can be applied as a remedy to alleviate the symptoms of mouth ulcer. It is a very well known antiseptic kitchen item of the oriental countries. Prepare a paste of turmeric and glycerin  keep it near your wash basin.

Turmeric For Mouth Ulcers

Apply it on your ulcers three to four times i a day, especially at night before retiring to bed. You may apply very little of this paste with either your fingers or with a cotton swab. You may rinse it after 15 minutes. Glycerin can be safely kept in the mouth.

Rinse With Saline Water

Rinse your mouth sores with saline water, they will make the healing process to work fast and quick,  and reduce the pain. It works in the same way as do the gargles for throat pain. Do these gargles three to four times a day, each time letting the water remain in the mouth for one minute. Put salt in a little quantity, as you put in your curries or soups.

Rinse With Saline Water For Mouth Ulcers

Basil Leaves (tulasi)

Chew two to three basil leaves five to six times in a day. Chew them very well so as to make a fine paste. S you chew, it will help the healing juices of basil work on the sores.

You can eat basil leaves, but avoid ingesting if you are using them for more than thrice a day. Basil helps get relief for mild ulcers by reducing pain and inflammation. It is an age old proven remedy.

Basil Leaves For Mouth Ulcers

Gooseberry (amla)

Make a decoction of amla leaves and use it as a gargle. You may put a bi of alum for an added benefit.

Gooseberry For Mouth Ulcers

Guava Leaves

Pluck two or three guava leaves form your garden, in case you have a tree and make an infusion of two three crushed leaves in a glass of water boil this for five minutes. Let it cool, put some alum and swish your mouth three to four times a day. It is a good gargle to help your mouth sores.

Guava Leaves For Mouth Ulcers

Licorice (mulathi)

Licorice piece can be chewed to get relief for mouth ulcers.

Licorice For Mouth Ulcers

Vitamin E

Vitamin E capsules are available in the chemist or pharmacy shops. Cut a capsule and thick liquid like vitamin E will come out. It can be applied on the affected areas o the mouth. You can use this capsule again, if you have the leftover.

Vitamin E For Mouth Ulcers

Milk Of Magnesia

Mailk of magnesia is an antaid, it can be bought as an over the counter medicine. Apply a bit of it on the sores. It neutralizes the acid content of mouth, and will discourage the bacterial growth. This can arrest the aggravation.

Milk Of Magnesia For Mouth Ulcers

Diet and Lifestyle

Wholesome Diet

Ayurveda lays stress on eating food rich in natural fibers and fresh vegetables and fruits. They will keep your bowel movement healthy and perfect. If you are prone to constipation, you will find that mouth sores are linked with constipation.

Wholesome Diet For Mouth Ulcers

Avoid Constipation

Take laxatives if you have constipation. A good digestive system is essential to keep mouth sores at bay. Ayurveda recommend Triphala powder at bedtime with milk or warm water. But check that it should not be old.

Avoid Constipation For Mouth Ulcers

Avoid Refined Flour

All products made of refined flour (maida), instead use whole wheat. Maida harms your entire digestive system. We must know that the health of the entire body depends upon a healthy digestive system.

Avoid Refined Flour For Mouth Ulcers



Hot beverages, hot foods, spicy and salty food. Till mouth sores get healed do not consume any tea, coffee or alcohol.

Complete avoidance of smoking is recommended. Cancer of the mouth starts first as a mouth sore, and tobacco is the main cause of mouth cancer, so avoid tobacco in any form. Make a dilute paste of baking soda an apply.

Avoid Spicy And Salty Food For Mouth Ulcers


Stress has to be reduced, very often stress causes mouth sores. Learn to practice stress busting techniques and learn to unwind. Many people go for a walk and many practice yoga and meditation. See for yourself how you can decrease your stress.

Yoga Helps In Mouth Ulcers

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