8 Home Remedies For Gas Pain

Home Remedies For Gas Pain

Home Remedies For Gas Pain

Can anybody say that they have never felt gas pain, definitely the answer will be no. As long as we have the digestive system, we will fall prey to gas once in a blue moon. But if we take good care, the chances of gas pain get reduced drastically. We need to know clearly that the gas pain can be taken care of very effectively only if we become a little more careful about our health and follow certain rules. This article is an attempt to make you aware of the home remedies and some other important information about gas pain. 

Symptoms of Gas Pain

Usually occurring symptoms of gas pain are burping, passing of gas, belching, heaviness, discomfort, and pain in the stomach. This pain may be like cramps and can be intermittent. At times the gas pain raises false alarm when it radiates  up towards the chest. It feels like one has a pain in the heart and that the doom is close by. Sometimes the gas pain is like bloating. Bloating makes the stomach feel full, heavy and tight. It is seen that gas may force the stomach to make strange gurgling sounds. Flatulence can make you feel embarrassed due to emission of flatus, the foul smelling gas. At times one loses control over foul gas emission.

Causes of Gas Pain

There are many causes of gas pain. If your digestive system is not functioning properly, the food may ferment and produce gas. The other cause is constipated stomach. Eating too much fried food can cause gas pain. Wrong food habits are likely to produce gas pain. Eating gas forming foods, overeating and heavy to digest foods are likely to result in gas pain.

Home Remedies For Gas Pain

Carom Seeds (ajwain)

Carom Seeds For Gas Pain

Carom seeds are a very good home remedy to get rid of stomach pain due to gas. Carom seeds have a unique quality to aid the digestion system in more than one way. In certain parts of the world carom seeds are an essential part of kitchen grocery and are in regular use. There are many ways of using carom seeds. You can choose whatever way it suits you. The good point about carom seeds is that there are no side effects, keeping in mind the fact that for one dose for an adult we use half to one tsp of these seeds.

You can eat them with a pinch of salt or jaggery. Swallow this down with a lukewarm glass of water. Or you may make a decoction by boiling carom seeds in water for a few minutes and drink it warm, it can be taken three four times a day. If you like to enjoy its strong taste, like many others do, you can chew it with jaggery.


Jaggery helps in digestion of food. Eat a lime sized piece of jaggery after every meal for gas pain. It will also cater to your sweet tooth. Your dependence on a dessert after a meal can be met with by eating jaggery. In fact in  India there is a regular practice of eating jaggery after every meal.

Jaggery For Gas Pain

Eat an Orange For Gas Pain

Eating an orange every morning cleanses the intestines and gives a good start to your digestive system. You can try eating one or two oranges with pink salt (kala namak). It will help to reduce flatulence and thus gas pain.

Orange For Gas Pain

Eat Radish For Gas Pain

Radish should always be eaten along with either salt or jaggery, otherwise it does not get digested. Radish has many health benefits. For gas pain one needs to avoid gas formation. If we eat radish with black pepper and salt it will help us to avoid flatulence.

Radish For Gas Pain

Eat Mint For Gas Pain

Mint is a common herb used in the kitchen. Its leaves are carminative in nature, they can be effectively used against gas formation in the digestive tract. There are many ways one can use mint leaves, the best and the most effective method is to make a mint tea and consume it lukewarm. The method to prepare this tea for one dose is to take a glass of water, put 15/20 mint leaves in that and bring to a boil. Keep the lid closed. After about 5 minutes of boiling remove from heat and drink it mixed with some sweetener. The best sweetener will be jaggery. You can make its chutney or  put it in your curd and buttermilk, like those who consume curd regularly as a part of their diet.

Mint For Gas Pain


Turmeric For Gas Pain

¼ tsp of pure turmeric powder should be taken with warm water for instant relief from gas pain. You should add a pinch of salt to it.

Turmeric For Gas Pain

Lemon Juice

Take one lemon, cut it into two. Make a glass of lime juice and put into this ¼ tsp of pink salt (kala namak) and the same quantity of pepper powder. Stir it and drink this juice twice a day. Remember that the water should be lukewarm or at least at room temperature.

Lemon Juice For Gas Pain

Diet For Gas Pain

Diet plays a very important role in controlling pain due to gas. Most often it is our diet that is responsible for gas pain. Your diet should be light, so go for such food items and preparations which can be easily digested. Your recipe should be simple like boiled or sauteed food. The choice of ingredients is equally important. See for yourself which foods do not cause you gas pain, select only those foods.

Diet For Gas Pain

Lifestyle For Gas Pain

Let us begin this part on a serious note. Check with yourself whether you are eating food the way it should be eaten. Whether you are aware of the importance of maintaining time schedule for eating. If you ask these questions the answer will definitely come to you and you will be able to bring about the required changes. In a nutshell, fix the time of the meals. Tell yourself that you are not going to go much beyond the stipulated time. Sit and eat comfortably, maintain proper posture while eating.

The mind should be calm when you eat. Do not swallow air when you eat. Go for walk in the morning and after dinner. After dinner walk will help in digesting the meals and the morning walks will tone the system and build up appetite for the day. Smoking can also produce gas in the stomach.

Morning Walks For Gas Pain

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