6 Home Remedies For Enlarged Heart

enlarged heart

The heart is a muscular pump which is the size of a clenched fist. An enlarged heart isn’t a condition but a symptom that causes the heart to work harder than normal. It develops weakening of the heart, unnecessary stress and irregular heartbeats. It occurs usually during old age, lack of exercise or obesity.

enlarged heart

A sedentary lifestyle encourages high blood pressure and having unhealthy eating habits causes the heart to slowly enlarge. Although it might not be preventable, it can be easily treated. There are a few home remedies and steps available in order to combat this disease; however the doctor should be consulted first.


Having high blood pressure can be the reason for an enlarged heart as it makes the heart pump harder to deliver blood to the rest of the body.

Heart attack is another reason. Damage done during this time can lead to an enlarged heart.

Congenital heart effect is a heart condition that one is usually born with. The defects of this disease can lead to an enlarged heart within a couple of years.

Thyroid Disorders consist of either overactive thyroid gland or an underactive one. This case usually leads to heart problems including an enlarged heart.

Rare diseases such as amyloidosis can lead to an enlarged heart. This condition occurs when abnormal proteins circulate around the heart and is deposited there. It can build up amyloid, soon leading to an enlarged heart.


Enlarged heart is easier to treat when caught early, so it’s always important to consult the doctor and get a check up from him or her daily. The common signs and symptoms for an enlarged heart are chest pain, fainting, dizziness, shortness of breath, swelling, abnormal heart rhythm, coughing and fever.


Enlarged hearts could be hypertrophic or dilated. Hypertrophic includes shortness of breath, chest pain, palpitations or a feeling of light headedness. Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a condition when the heart muscle stretches and becomes less able to pump the blood around the body. This could include tiredness, swollen ankles or abdomen or shortness of breath. Arrhythmogenic is another rare condition where the heart muscle gets replaced with fatty tissues, thus weakling the heart and making it difficult for the blood to circulate and pump around the body. Takotsubo is the final condition.

It is also known as the broken heart syndrome as it is the temporary weakening of the heart muscles. This is similar to a heart attack and causes chest pain or shortness of breath. During such cases the ambulance should be immediately called since it is life threading. Diagnosis of this condition includes tests to see if the ventricle has changed shape, although it hardly goes back to the normal size.

Home Remedies For Enlarged Heart

Daily Sleep

Sleeping is a part of a healthy lifestyle and researches have said that getting your daily sleep on time will lead to the prevention of any harmful disease and also cure an enlarged heart.

Sleeping eight hours every day will help in these cases. The patient should also try sleeping at the same time daily as this will increase the chances of recovery.


Avoid Cigarettes and Alcohol

Cigarettes and alcohol are life threatening as they contain properties that are harmful for ones health. They can also be a major cause for something as serious as an enlarged heart. Avoiding cigarettes and alcohol completely can lead to the solution of this problem and also eradicate this condition.



Consuming a little turmeric with crushed black pepper three times a day can help in healing an enlarged heart, slowly letting it go back to its normal size. It should be mixed with warm water before gulping it down.

The healing properties of turmeric have been used in eastern culture all the time and are used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine for heart problems.


Reduction of Salt and Fats

Eating too many salty or spicy food increases the chances of an enlarged heart. Therefore the quantity should be reduced, even while cooking at home. This can stop the problem and increase the chances of recovery. On the other hand fatty foods and substances are also known for its disadvantages.

Experts have suggested that eating foods that are low in saturated fats and calories allow an enlarged heart to come to a normal size and let the person live a healthy and fit lifestyle.



According to researchers and experts, cucurmin can be used to prevent any heart failure and treat the problem of an enlarged heart. For this, one tablespoon of cucurmin should be mixed in a glass of water and gulped down the throat once a day for great results.

Cucurmin has the ability to switch off the major switch at the chromosome source where the heart enlargement chances are being turned on. It is a hope for millions of patients who are suffering with the problem of hear enlargement and can be used in an inexpensive manner. Eating cucurmin may reduce any chances of heart failures as well.


Diet Treatments

Researches have said eating foods that are low in salt and oil is good for those who are looking for home remedies to eradicate this condition. But since low salt diets lead to tasteless meals, the patient should indulge into juicy fruits such as apples, papayas, guavas, tomatoes and blueberries. Lean meat such as boiled chicken breast can also be consumed.

fresh fruits

Natural Treatments

The natural treatment for an enlarged heart is to exercise daily. Walking, jogging or running for half an hour everyday will increase the blood circulation and strengthen the patient, thus preventing the coming of such conditions and also curing an enlarged heart. However it is very important to discuss with a doctor or physician before taking any action.

Sometimes being over weight can be the reason for an enlarged heart; therefore excessive weight loss also acts as a great source of help. Controlling diabetes and monitoring blood pressure are also other natural ways to get rid of this condition.