8 Home Remedies For Constipation In Infants

  • Normal Malay


  • SY Kang


  • See La

    Hi, my son is facing constipation. He said he never poo for few days and stomach pain all the time. I’m not dare to try with any medicine. So anyone have any ideas to prevent constipation. Kindly share Thanks

    • Jenny Chin

      SeeLa, actually what brand of milk powder you use for your child? Some milk powder is heaty and cause constipation.

  • Sue Yee Tee

    I think better let them to have some traditional remedy so that less chemical!!! No harm to their health! Cheers.

  • halleyleong9938

    People pls dont simply try all these unproven remedies all… bcos my LO went in hospital bcos minor food poisoning due to these traditional herbs.. Thanks to my MIL la! So better seek medical advise 1st before trying anything.

  • Michelle Lee

    I have
    the same problem previously, but once I switched to Mamil for a week, it
    really works! Because it contains no
    sugar and high DHA! But, the pre-biotic in Mamil help to solve constipation

  • Jenny Chin

    I heard of the price of Mamil is quite expensive. But it is one of constipation remedy as it contains pre-biotic in the ingredients that helps for relieving constipation.

    • See La

      I had go through with Mamil and it has a lot of good feedbacks. So, as long as it can helps my son to stay healthy, it is worth.

  • Dominic Uee

    Previously my son also suffered in constipation, then my colleague said Mamil is very good for constipation and asked me to switch to it. Then, my son never suffer in constipation anymore after switch to Mamil

  • Kaytie Ho


  • john

    when i used old way remedies like used prune to prevent constipation for kid, my boy end up at hospital because he’s got stomache. after that i realize that remedies didnt work to prevent constipation. now i wonderin what is proper and proven way to prevent constipation for my kid?

  • Bernert Chim

    My 8YO DS used to suffer in constipation probs.. I tried every means but his constipation even worse! My friend who is a mother of 2 kids suggested Mamil for my boy and it really works! My boy is now no longer suffer constipation.. . Mamil can softer stools and increase good bacteria for kids. Also, it has the highest level of DHA which is good for kids. Mamil solved my issue as it did prevent kids constipation.. You should also give it a try and you will see the difference in a week.

  • Arone box

    I just gave my kids tried Mamil and it works fine. I realized that Mamil is good in preventing kids constipation due to the prebiotics oligosaccharide that helps maintain in a good intestinal environment. You should try it.. The result of Mamil brings for kids confirm surprise you.

  • lita ola

    yeah i’ve found mamil made my little one free from constipated, mamil was great to prevent constipation, so i wouldn’t changed now and satisfied with the ingredients of mamil. would let you exchange to mamil? i’ve recommended for you

  • Annie Tong

    I think Enfamil is preety good for me in terms of keeping my DS away from constipation but not sure what ingredients inside that helps in that. But i also heard Mamil is pretty good in preventing constipation, also it’s is less sweeter compared to Enfamil. Gonna try it out one day

  • eddie gordo

    Good information to share. About kid’s constipation,I’ve already faced it. It’s a hard time for me to handle my 3 years old daughter always cried when in the toilet. Right now just keep giving her fruits and vegetables with high fiber. Especially prune juice.

    • demeises

      Prune juice didn’t work. I’ve tried so many times when my son got constipation. End up he lost his appetite because drinking fruit juice too much and I can see he looks so tired.

      • Ayako Minami

        use formula milk. it works. i’ve tried many times and it can prevent constipation.

        • lita ola

          what is formula milk did you give to your kid? i’ve gave Mamil for my daughter. and she likes it very much

          • Ayako Minami

            I’ve used Friso to make my kid having a good bowel movement. After 1 week, his stool not hard anymore.

          • lita ola

            Same goes to Mamil. Mamil also can make stool became soft because it contained specially formulated prebiotics which was good for kids having healthy gut.

      • lita ola

        Maybe you should try out formula milk. Like I did to my daughter. Drinking too much fruit juice made your kid full. That’s why he lost his appetite and do not want to eat.