15 Herbs To Curb The Kidney Stones

Herbs To Curb The Kidney Stones

Herbs To Curb The Kidney Stones

It is estimated that one in ten Americans suffers from kidney related diseases at some point of their lives. The worst among them is the Kidney stones. Although many medicines and advancements in treating the kidney stones are in place, recurrence of kidney stones cannot be ruled out. Kidney stone formation can be attributed to lack of micturition, hereditary causes and improper diet. Kidney stones are said to be extremely painful and if not treated at the right time it might lead to surgery or operation. So it is always good to play safe rather than resorting to surgery/operation for removing the kidney stones. 

Herbs to The Rescue of Kidney Stones

Healing the kidney stones in a natural way using herbs is not only a home remedy for treating kidney stones but it will also save that extra bucks being spent in the hospital. When it comes to herbs, there are plenty of herbs available to treat the kidney disorder. Herbs like Crataeva Nurvala, Gravel root, Banana stem, Banana flowers (before getting ripe), Juniper berries, Marshmallow root, Hydrangea root, Cabbage, Radish, Carrot, Watermelon, Aloe vera, Bermuda grass or Couch grass, Pomegranate, Lemon and Gooseberry are some of the well known and easily available herbs for curing the kidney stones. The above said herbs are not only known for their healing properties but also dissolves the kidney stones completely and curbs the recurrence of the kidney stones.

Crataeva Nurvala

Crataeva Nurvala Curb The Kidney Stones

Crataeva Nurvala , also called as Varuna in Sanskrit (one of the ancient languages of India), is said to be a natural healer since time immemorial. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and antilithic agent. Lupeol, one of the main constituents of crataeva nurvala is diuretic in nature and acts as a urinary antiseptic. The skin, roots, barks and leaves of crataeva nurvala are used extensively in treating the kidney disorders. It can be taken externally as well as internally. The leaves of crataeva nurvala, when taken along with honey or ghee reduces the urinary tract inflammation, Usually, the leaves of crataeva nurvala are taken as a tonic to dissolve the kidney stones completely.

Gravel Root

Gravel root, also called as Queen of the meadow is diuretic in nature. The herb is said to have the property to dissolve the kidney stones completely. It acts as an astringent and relaxant by dissolving the foreign substances and sediments formed around the urinary tract. Gravel root is used for chronic kidney diseases, bladder infections, impotence, indigestion and headaches.

Gravel Root Curb The Kidney Stones

Banana Stem

Plantain stem or Banana stem is considered to be one of the best healer of kidney stones. Being diuretic in nature it is rich in potassium and fiber content. Since it is diuretic in nature, it can be consumed either as a juice or by cooking. It helps to detoxify the body by discharging unwanted substances from the urinary tract. Its rich potassium content controls the fluid balance in the body and the fiber content prevents the sedimentation of unwanted/foreign substances around the urinary bladder. Banana stem juice, when taken in empty stomach keeps away the kidney stones at bay and cools the body. The juice is taken by obese people to burn that extra calories and rein in further obesity.

Banana Stem Curb The Kidney Stones

Banana Flowers

Banana flowers taken at their early stage before getting ripe is a good healer of kidney stones. Banana flowers when cooked and taken along with Banana stem juice continuously for two weeks will dissolve the kidney stones completely. Banana flowers when cooked and taken regularly along with other cereals prevents the recurrence of kidney stones. Banana flowers as well as banana stems are used for chronic kidney diseases and urinary related problems. These are rich in fiber, vitamins and diuretic in nature.

Banana Flowers Curb The Kidney Stones

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries acts as a pain reliever and it is diuretic in nature. It cleans the unwanted substances around the bladder and creates an easy passage for the fluids to flow out of the body. It acts as a detoxifying agent and cures the kidney related problems.

Juniper Berries Curb The Kidney Stones

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow roots are anti-inflammatory in nature and they act as a soothing agent. It is a good soothing agent for internal swelling and will stop the inflammation to spread further. It paves way for an easy urinary passage to discharge the fluids from the body.

Marshmallow Root Curb The Kidney Stones

Hydrangea Root

Hydrangea root is normally used as a tincture and comes as a home remedy. Hydrangea roots along with alcohol are used to make hydrangea tincture and normally stored in a dark place. It can be used for treating the kidney stones, chronic kidney diseases and other urinary infections. It is an easy home remedy for treating the kidney stones. This tincture is normally taken as liquid drops to dissolve and discharge the stones in the urine.

Hydrangea Root Curb The Kidney Stones


Cabbage, rich in fiber content helps easy transit of fluids and foreign substances from our body, especially discharging the foreign substances from the urinary bladder. Apart from its rich fiber content, cabbage is rich in Vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Cabbage Curb The Kidney Stones


Radish is rich in fiber content and helps in easy passage of substances from the urinary system. Radish is diuretic in nature and increases easy urine flow. When consumed as a juice, radish acts as an anti-inflammatory agent during urination.

Radish Curb The Kidney Stones


Carrot, a natural herb with 80% water is rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals. Since it is diuretic in nature, it allows easy discharge of urine from our body and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for kidneys.

Carrot Curb The Kidney Stones


Watermelon, being diuretic in nature contains 93% water and 7% sugar. Apart from quenching our thirst, it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent by cleansing the sediments formed around the urinary tract paving way for easy discharge of urine.

Watermelon Curb The Kidney Stones

Bermuda / Couch Grass Juice

Couch grass or Bermuda grass , when grinded with water and taken as a juice serves as an excellent source of fiber and nutrients. Since it is diuretic, it helps in removing the toxins from the body as well as from the blood stream. When taken orally as a juice it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for chronic kidney diseases and other urinary related infections.

Couch Grass Juice Curb The Kidney Stones


The inner peels, seeds and even the flesh of Pomegranate is considered to be invaluable for treating the kidney and stomach related problems. Pomegranate seeds when grinded and taken as a fresh juice serves not only as a rich source of vitamins but also as a source of fibers. The inner peels of the fruit are of high medicinal value and treats stomach related problems and prevents inflammation of internal organs like kidneys, liver and bladder.

Pomegranate Curb The Kidney Stones


Given its citric acid content and anti-inflammatory properties, Lemon is much sought after for kidney related problems. Since it is diuretic in nature, consuming 3 to 4 glasses of fresh lime juice will ensure easy discharge of unwanted fluids from our body.

Lemon Curb The Kidney Stones


Green gooseberries are rich in fibers and it has antioxidant properties. Green gooseberries, when taken twice or thrice a day along with horse gram and banana stem soup, dissolves the kidney stones completely in two weeks time. It is an easy and cost-effective home remedy free from any side-effects.

Gooseberry Curb The Kidney Stones