9 Herbs For Improving Memory

Herbs For Improving Memory

Superior memory alertness is of great significance to people of all ages and gender. The ability to recall information at the right time is indeed essential not only for students, but also for adults of all ages and occupations. Whether it’s work, reading, or play, finer cognitive skills and ability to keep focused are some of the major determinant factors that make a person successful. Even though memory power is expected to decline only with age, people of younger age may also suffer from memory loss due to a variety of reasons. Some of them are inappropriate nutrition, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, free-radical damage to the brain, alcohol use etc. 

The desire to enhance mental alertness is there in almost all the individuals, including students who constantly get low grades. The market is stuffed with lots of memory enhancing medications. But it is safe to turn to herbs that can bring significant improvement in memory. Certain herbs have been used traditionally to maintain the level of brain function and perk up memory. Some herb work by directly influencing the brain and nervous system, whereas others influence the cardiovascular system to boost blood flow to the brain. The article explores some of the useful herbs that aid in memory enhancement.

Top Herbs To Boost Memory

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba For Improving Memory

Ginkgo biloba has been commonly used as one of the major ingredients in most of the memory supplements. This widely proclaimed tonic herb energizes and blows away all the fatigue. Since anxiety and physical exertion can be major causes for poor memory, making your mind free from all kinds of stress is really important to have better-quality memory. The bilobalides, ginkgolides and flavonoids contained in this Chinese herb enhance blood flow and supply of oxygen to brain and all strategic body parts. This enhances cognitive function and memory. Ginkgo biloba extract is found to be really effective in treating mild memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.


Brahmi is an important herb that is used in ayurveda to enliven memory. This herb has been traditionally used to perk up attentiveness, retention and recollection. Popularly used as a tonic for memory enhancement, it is also found to be useful in lessening blood pressure, easing stress and anxiety levels. A nice scalp massage with brahmi oil significantly cools mind and body. The complex chemicals contained in brahmi facilitate the protein synthesis of the brain helping a person in fortifying his/her mental capacity. Sharp and clear memory power can be achieved by consuming the prescribed quantity of brahmi juice for a long term.

Brahmi For Improving Memory


Aswagandha is a herb that has found an important place in Ayurvedic medicine and herbology. Found popularly in the Asian subcontinents, aswagandha is sometimes referred to as Indian Ginseng. This powerful adaptogenic herb acts as a stress buster and helps in rejuvenating brain functions. It assists in keeping the brain alert and composed. It helps in enhancing memory power by triggering the brain and its nerves. It functions as an adaptogen by enhancing physical oomph, athletic talents, immunity, sexual capacity and fertility. Ashwagandha is packed with flavonoids, iron and amino acids leading to improved red blood cell count and better functioning of central nervous system leading to superior memory and mental alertness.

Ashwagandha For Improving Memory

Gotu Kola

Certain studies have proven that the use of gotu kola herb can significantly improve circulation, energy levels and memory. The herb can treat dementia-like behavior in people successfully and slow the development of Alzheimer’s disease. By improving blood circulation to brain, gotu kola invigorates the person and protects the brain cells. This help in achieving improved memory power and mental alertness.

Gotu Kola For Improving Memory

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a bushy perennial herb that has conventionally been used as a mild sedative. It effectively treats anxiety, nervous disorders, migraines, hypertension, hyperthyroidism and insomnia. Studies have proven that the herb also enhances cognitive skills and memory power. Known by the scientific name Melissa officinalis, lemon balm develops brain function along with improving memory, judgment and problem solving capabilities. Thanks to its anxiety relieving properties, this herb is widely used as a gentle sedative and sleep support by many people today.

Lemon Balm For Improving Memory


Giloy is an excellent versatile herb that is used as a memory enhancer. The herb is capable of recuperating the dying brain cells and help in revitalizing the nervous system. Its ability to mend damaged brain cells is highly admired in Ayurveda and it has a pride of place in many ayurvedic medicines. The herb also boosts body’s immune system and acts as a shield against diseases. The extract of giloy can be consumed by mixing it with butter milk. The herb also assists in bursting stress and tension.

Giloy For Improving Memory


Ginseng is a popular Chinese herb that is used in many memory improvement medications. This memory herb is able to bring about significant improvement in the condition of Alzheimer’s patients. Daily consumption of prescribed dosage of ginseng will considerably improve memory function and cognitive ability. The herb is known to enhance concentration and mental performance in young adults and aged people.

Ginseng For Improving Memory

Essential Oils For Memory

Ancient Greek students used to resort to essential oils to improve their memory power. There are a range of aromatherapy essential oils that will greatly augment mental alertness. Rosemary oil is a very useful essential oil that has been traditionally used to stimulate brain and memory functions. The invigorating scent of rosemary oil is supposed to improve attention span and alertness. Known by the scientific name Rosmarinus officinalis, rosemary oil is enriched with a variety of medicinal benefits. It effectively supports the nervous system, circulatory system and thereby boosts memory power. This aromatherapy oil can also relieve anxiety in some people. It is advised not to consume rosemary in its essential oil form. Inhalation of the oil is the best option. The calming and energizing fragrance of peppermint is beneficial in boosting up the mood instantly.

Rosemary oil For Improving Memory


Basil essential oil is aromatherapy oil that offers calming energy. Most of these oil function as nerve tonic. Since a refreshed and de-cluttered mind and brain are essential to have better memory and cognitive skills, these essential oils are of great help. Citrus essential oils, lemon, orange, and grapefruit are also of use. In order to enjoy superior memory power at all ages it is necessary to stimulate and keep our brains sharp and focused. Engaging in brain games such as Sudoku and other number games you can effectively enhance memory. Herbal supplements can be taken in the prescribed doses daily. Long-term use is required to get the desired benefits.

Basil Oil For Improving Memory