11 Herbal Remedies For Ulcers

Herbal Remedies For Ulcers

Herbal Remedies For Ulcers

Ulcers of the stomach can cause a lot of pain and distress in the patient. Many a time, ulcers remain undiagnosed and the stomach lining is badly damaged leading to chronic conditions. Ulcers are formed when the stomach lining is damaged due to the acidity of the gastric juices, leaving open wounds that are painful as well as bleeding. 

Symptoms generally include a burning sensation, feeling of itching and pain in the stomach, which can last for a few minutes to hours, a feeling of relief when food is consumed as the digestive juices are diluted, nausea, vomiting etc. There are several things that can be done at home with the use of herbs in order to control ulcers.

Herbal Remedies For Ulcers


Ginger Reduce Ulcers

Ginger eases upset stomach and helps in destroying H pylori, which too can sometimes cause stomach ulcers. Ginger is also anti inflammatory in nature and reduces the stomach irritation, pain and nausea that accompany a stomach ulcer. Take one tablespoon of ginger extract and add one teaspoon of honey to this. This can be taken three times daily in order to combat ulcers. Honey heals the wounds and soothes and moisturizes the damages stomach walls, thereby preventing pain and burning sensation. Ginger removes bacteria and aids in digestion as well.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper acts as an irritant to the stomach and this will help in treating stomach ulcers effectively. Cayenne is also an analgesic and can help in dealing with pain associated with ulcers. However, cayenne pepper must not be taken in large amounts as it can aggravate the condition. It helps in treating ulcers if taken in moderation. Take 1/4th teaspoon of cayenne pepper and add this to a cup of warm water. This can be taken in the morning once daily. Cayenne pepper increases blood circulation and this will help in bringing essential nutrients to the ulcerous tissues and help in healing the tissues naturally.

Cayenne Pepper Reduce Ulcers


Though licorice does not help in reducing the gastric juices, which causes the ulcers, it works in an even more effective way by reducing the efficiency of the stomach acids in damaging the stomach lining. It is known to have properties that help the mucous tissues to protect themselves from damage caused by the acidic juices. Capsules are available for treatment. For preparing a herbal tea at home, take one ounce of sliced licorice root and add this to one quart of boiling water. Steep for a few minutes and drink this water. Sucking on a licorice candy too helps if the candy is made of real licorice and not a licorice flavored one.

Licorice Reduce Ulcers

Slippery Elm

As the name suggests, slippery elm has a slippery and mucous like consistency, which helps it to form a coat around the damaged mucous membranes and heals the ulcers in the stomach and duodenum naturally. Generally, a powdered version of the slippery elm is used for making a paste with water. Take one teaspoon of this powder and add this to eight ounces of water. Consume thrice daily.

Slippery Elm Reduce Ulcers


The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic helps in treating the inflammation associated with ulcers and reduce the pain and burning sensation as well. Garlic also has the power to kill bacteria, especially H Pylori which too can sometimes cause ulcers of the stomach. Make an infusion by adding 3-4 cloves of crushed garlic to a cup of boiling water. Steep for ten minutes and add a teaspoon of honey. Take it 2-3 times a day. Garlic cloves can be consumed just as it is too after every meal or along with the meals.

Garlic Reduce Ulcers


Cabbage has long been used for controlling pain as well as inflammation. Taking one quart of cabbage juice every day is known to heal the ulcers in 4 to 5 days. Cabbage can also be eaten raw for a much more quicker and efficient result in treating ulcers. It is a good practice to drink 2 glasses of fresh cabbage juice if you suffer from frequent ulcers of the stomach.

Cabbage Reduce Ulcers


Alfalfa helps in the healing of ulcers and prevents bleeding as it is rich in vitamin K, which is an essential vitamin for clotting of blood. Alfalfa also helps in better absorption of nutrients from the stomach and soothes the stomach lining and mucus membrane, thereby giving profound relief to people suffering from ulcers. However, alfalfa must be consumed with care as the seeds are known to have toxic side effects. The leaves, though safe for consumption should still be taken only after consultation with a herbalist.

Alfalfa Reduce Ulcers

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root has been in use for treatment of toothaches and insect bites. Recent research on this herb has made researchers realize that it is a wonderful herb that can reduce pain and inflammation of ulcers. Marshmallow root when taken internally helps in soothing the stomach lining, thereby relieving the distressing symptoms of peptic ulcers. Marshmallow root may cause diarrhea and nausea and hence guidance from a herbal practitioner has to be sought if you use it for treatment of ulcers.

Marshmallow Root Reduce Ulcers


Peppermint helps in reducing inflammation that is caused when you have peptic ulcer. The herb is also a digestive stimulant and helps in destroying H pylori, which is the bacteria that causes ulcers. Due to its digestive properties, peppermint also stimulates the production of gastric juices and this can at times aggravate symptoms of ulcers. Therefore, never use it without the right dosage guidance from a holistic practitioner if you have ulcers.

Peppermint Reduce Ulcers


Yarrow is a herb that is used for speeding up the clotting of blood. This will help in preventing bleeding from the ulcers and also healing it naturally. Yarrow also works on the inflammation and reduces the swelling of the mucous membranes. Yarrow tea or a tincture can be taken as per the dosages suggested by a herbal practitioner.

Yarrow Reduce Ulcers


Very soothing and anti inflammatory, chamomile helps in treating the ulcers and also soothing the damaged walls of the stomach. Brew a tea with one chamomile tea bag and steep for ten minutes. Drink 2-3 times a day warm to heal the ulcers and reduce inflammation as well.

Chamomile Reduce Ulcers