9 Herbal Remedies For Sinus Infection

Herbal Remedies For Sinus Infection

Herbal Remedies For Sinus Infection

Sinuses secrete mucous that help in keeping the nasal cavity from getting dry during the process of breathing. A sinus infection is very common as the mucus that is produced by the sinus is replete with bacteria and virus, which can sometimes lead to inflammation of the sinus and resultant pain around the eyes, nose and forehead. Sinus infections can trap the fluid within the sinus and it can lead to a whole lot of disturbing symptoms like blocked nose, sore throat, cough, bad breath, nasal dripping, fever etc.

One need not visit the doctor for treating a sinus infection as there are tremendously effective herbal remedies that can be administered at home and the sinus blockages relieved without any medications or guidance form a doctor. Mentioned below are some herbal remedies that will help you clear a sinus infection.

8 Herbal Remedies For Sinus Infection


Garlic For Sinus Infection

Excellent for all kind of inflammations and infections of the body, garlic is a bulb that comes to your help when you have a sinus infection as well. The simplest method to use this herb is to chew a few cloves along with a food of your choice. Alternatively, you may want to take garlic capsules if you want to avoid the pungent aroma in your blood, which can seep in through your sweat and make you smell nasty.

Garlic tea can be made by adding the crushed cloves and boiling it with one cup of water for ten minutes in a low flame. Drink 3-4 times a day. Mix 7-8 cloves of garlic with a glass of milk and boil the milk in a low flame for ten minutes. This is a particularly strong remedy for severe sinus infections.


Thyme is a great expectorant and helps in relieving the trapped mucus that has causes the infection in your sinus. Known for its very strong flavor, thyme is also an effective anti bacterial agent and helps in the destruction of the bad bacteria that has got trapped in the mucus. A tea can be made by adding one tablespoon of dried thyme to eight ounces of boiling water. Steep for close to ten minutes. It helps if you drink the infusion hot as this will also add to the effectiveness of melting the mucus.

Thyme For Sinus Infection


An age old remedy that has been passed on to the newer generation by grandmothers. Eucalyptus is praised for its ability to open the blocked passages and provide great relief for those suffering from sinus infections and also other respiratory ailments that cause the airways to get trapped with phlegm.

Spray a few drops of eucalyptus on a cotton towel or handkerchief and keep inhaling the pleasant fumes to keep the discomfort under control. Eucalyptus can also be used while steaming in order to melt the mucus and bring it out, while you have a sinus infection. Add 2-3 drops of this healing remedy when you do steam inhalation.

Eucalyptus For Sinus Infection


A medicinal rhizome off the kitchen shelf, ginger looks way too simple a herbal remedy for treating infections of the body. But, this herb seems to be very useful in treating a medley of diseases. Ginger is an anti bacterial, anti oxidant, analgesic, anti spasmodic and anti inflammatory herb; all qualities which work out just perfect for treating sinus infections.

Ginger is also a diaphoretic which can make the body warm and increase the immune system response, at the same time melting the mucus as well. Cut slices of ginger and crush them before adding to a cup of boiling water. Allow the infusion to simmer for fifteen minutes before flavoring it with a teaspoon of lemon and honey if you wish and sipping it hot.

Ginger For Sinus Infection


Fenugreek is also an antibacterial and anti inflammatory herb and can be used for treating sinus infections. Soak a handful overnight and take it in the morning. The vitamins A and C present in fenugreek strengthens the immune system and relieves infections.

Taken regularly, fenugreek helps in boosting the immunity and preventing frequent bouts of infections of the body. Fenugreek tea can be made by adding one tablespoon of the seeds to eight ounces of water and steeping for 10 minutes before drinking it hot.

Fenugreek For Sinus Infection


These black and miniscule globes are highly nutritious and antibacterial in nature. They have diaphoretic properties that help in heating your body and inducing fever like symptoms that help in kick starting the immune system and also contributing indirectly to the melting of the mucus that is trapped inside. Pepper berries also have anti bacterial properties this quality supports the destructions of bacteria and virus that are lodged in the mucus and are causing the infection.

Take one or two or more teaspoons of pepper powder and add to your favorite soup or vegetable juice and drink it several times a day. You will immediately break into a sweat and will feel the effect of the herb kicking in.

Pepper For Sinus Infection


Cinnamon tea is a very popular remedy that I used for treating many respiratory illnesses. For sinusitis, take a cinnamon stick and crush it into a coarse powder. Boil one glass of water and add the powder to this water. Let it steep for an hour.

Drink this powerful tea long with one teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice as well. 3-4 glasses a day are enough to keep the inflammation and mucus build up down and in a couple of days, you are sure to feel wonderfully rejuvenated and energetic.

Cinnamon For Sinus Infection


Boosting the immunity is another excellent way to treat all kinds of infection. When the immune system is rendered strong, the body will gather enough strength to fight off the infection on its own and without any medications as well.

Echinacea For Sinus Infection

Echinacea is an immune boosting herb that can be used for treating sinus infections. The herb can be taken as a tincture or a tablet which are available as readymade in herbal shops. The dried root can be used for preparing a tea by adding one tablespoon to one cup of boiling water. Steep for 15 minutes and drink the tea hot for maximum benefit.