5 Herbal Remedies For Pregnancy


Many women suffer from a variety of gynecological disorders that may unfortunately, result in infertility. A number of women of child bearing age are finding it difficult to conceive naturally and are resorting to trying out expensive medical procedures to get pregnant which may or not deliver promised results.


Herbs have come to the rescue of couples who are unable to conceive naturally. There are many herbs with various medicinal properties that make them efficient and safe for treating the medical conditions leading to infertility. Let us look at some of these herbal treatments.

Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy

Herbal Tonic

There are some herbal tonics that are commercially sold for increasing your chances of getting pregnant. But you can create a herbal tonic for fertility on your own. This herbal tonic is a mix of excellent herbs that will work together to treat problems such as irregular menstrual cycle and lack of ovulation.

Combine together in equal parts powdered raspberry leaves, powdered red clover blossoms and powdered chasteberries along with Siberian ginseng root and black cohosh. You may add dried and powdered ginger for some taste. Prepare tea using this herbal mix and drink at least 3 cups daily.

red clover

Wild Yam

Wild yam is recommended for men to increase the level of testosterone in their bodies. Low level of the male hormone is often responsible for infertility issues in men. Women can also use the herb to boost the levels of estrogen in their bodies.

The hormone is required for performing many body functions including those of the reproductive system. Herbal supplements of wild yam should be taken by both men and women in controlled quantity to boost fertility.

wild yam

Siberian Ginseng

Ayurvedic doctors in India have been using Siberian ginseng to help people conceive naturally. The herb is responsible for maintaining the health and tone of the reproductive organs and ensures that each organ performs its specific function.

Consumption of Siberian ginseng boosts sperm count as well as sperm motility in men. It is also used as an aphrodisiac by both men and women. Pills of Siberian ginseng are available online and should be taken after consulting an herbalist.



Marigold is used as a body cleanser in many cultures. It is a natural cleanser that helps the body get rid of all the toxic waste that otherwise keeps accumulating in the body leading to problems of all kinds. The herb is also used for cleansing uterus that has a hard mucous membrane covering it. This hardness of the uterus often results in infertility issues in women.

Drink combination of marigold and chamomile tea to cleanse the body of all toxic waste and in no time you will experience regular menstrual cycle and ovulation.

Marigold Flower

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red raspberry leaf is used specifically for treating women suffering from PCOS and who are finding it difficult to conceive. Drinking raspberry leaf tea makes the uterus strong so that the pregnancy maybe carried full term.

Regular use of the herbal tea minimizes the chances of miscarriage in women with weak uterus lining. However, it is important to continue the use of the herbal tea until you have safely crossed your sixth month.

Red Raspberry

Anubha Pandey