6 Herbal Remedies For Lung Cancer

lung cancer

Lung cancer is very common and affects approximately 150,000 adults on a yearly basis in the United States of America. Widely diagnosed, it can be treated with a number of herbs that are easily found in herbal food stores across the country.

lung cancer

But before one starts consuming these herbs, one must understand the possible side effects and potential drug interactions from a physician. Also, for best results it is best to stop smoking nicotine as this is one of the main causes for lung cancer in men and women.

Herbal Remedies for Treating Lung Cancer

There are innumerable herbs that can get rid of lung cancer symptoms:

Cat’s Claw

Grown in parts of Central andSouth America, it is an herb that is known to effectively treat lung cancer. Also known as Uncaria tomentosa, it is has been widely used by healers and physicians for centuries and can treat other health disorders including arthritis and supports the health of the lung and the kidney.

The herb is effective in dealing with such diseases mainly because the compounds of the herb promotes and also improves the immune system which effectively helps in the treatment of lung cancer. To minimize any side effects, one must consult a cancer specialist and understand the possible side effects and the dosage quantity.

cat claw


Also known as Astragalus membranaceus, it is perennial herb that is grown in parts of Asia such as China,Korea, and Mongolia. The most effective part of the herb is its root which is used medicinally by physicians to treat a number health problems including lung cancer. Astragalus possesses elements that modulates the immune system and also works as an anti-tumor property that can effectively boost the effectiveness of lung cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.



Another popular herb to effectively treat lung cancer, skullcap is also known as Scutellaria barbata. Used for centuries by Chinese physicians and healers, it is a common herbal treatment for lung cancer along with other diseases such as epilepsy, hepatitis, viral infections, and insomnia. To make an effective medicinal remedy, one can use the leaves and root that can be ingested by the patient.


Green Tea

Known for its exclusive antioxidant properties called the catechins, a cup of green tea can alleviate lung cancer symptoms by preventing the DNA damage that leads to lung cancer. Most physicians recommend daily consumption of green tea that inhibits lung tumor growth.

green tea


Particularly Asian ginseng is known to protect the lungs against cancer symptoms. Though the herb does not kill the cancer cells, ginseng blocks the reproduction of cancer cells which effectively curbs the growth and spread of cancer. If one is considering consumption of ginseng, taking a supplement is a great choice; one can also chop and stir fry the herbs that can be used as a flavor for soups and pastas.


Milk Thistle

Also known as Silybum marianum, milk thistle is one of the natural herbs that treat lung and liver cancer effectively. Grown in parts of the Mediterranean region, once can easily that has been used for centuries to help treat numerous health problems, especially lung and liver ailments. But like all herbs, one must consult a physician and understand the side effects and the possible drug interactions that can affect the effectiveness of the herbs.