7 Herbal Remedies For Heavy Periods

heavy periods

Menstrual periods could be a nightmare, especially if there is a heavy bleeding. It can make a woman feel weak and exhausted. Usually those women experience heavy bleeding who have just started menstruation or those who are about to reach menopause.

heavy periods

At times excessive body weight and heredity could be the cause behind heavy periods. If the periods last for more than seven days or one has to change the sanitary napkins often and also at night one needs to seek treatment. There are certain herbal remedies which can help in controlling heavy periods.

List of Herbal Remedies for Heavy Periods

Viburnum Opulus

Also known as cramp bark, it reduces the menstrual cramps as its name suggests. It also helps to overcome the nervous tension that accompanies the heavy menstruation.

Viburnum Opulus

Calendula Officinalis

Calendula officinalis regulates the blood flow during the menstruation period. In addition, it has a calming effect on the sufferer. The estrogenic effects bring relief from menstrual cramps. The herb is potent to heal all the disorders of female reproductive system, including excessive bleeding during menstruation. It can very well address the menopausal issues because of its ability to regulate the hormones.

Its dried petals are used as a herb for medicinal purpose.


Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s mantle is a very good herbal remedy but takes about five to seven days to start acting. It can bring the heavy bleeding down. Hence, it is sensible to start taking it a week before the onset of periods. This way the blood flow during the periods will be lesser.

lady mantle

Shepherd’s Purse

Shepherd’s purse, also known as Chinese cress, is a very effective herb to reduce the heavy flow of blood during periods. After taking a dose of shepherd’s purse herb the blood flow comes down within a few hours. This herbal remedy can be taken as a tea and is available in the health stores. But it should not be taken in high dose over a long period.


Flax Seed Oil

The oil of the flax seeds is good for reduction of blood flow during periods. The oil can be put in a cereal that you are going to eat for breakfast. The flax seed oil can also be mixed with the yogurt in which some fruit has been added. Flax seed oil is the most effective when it gets incorporated in your meals.

flax seed


Chasteberry is another name of vitex. It is a folk herbal remedy being used to regulate post-partum bleeding, it is also used for menstruation issues like heavy bleeding. It has many active organic compounds like flavonoids which help produce progesterone. Progesterone is the regulatory hormone of menstruation.



Yarrow is a potent herbal remedy for managing all kinds of menstrual issues ranging from amenorrhea to heavy bleeding during periods. It is available as a dried herb and shows best results if taken as tea.

Yarrow has tannins, the compounds that can constrict blood vessels resulting in reducing heavy bleeding during periods.


M Nandini