11 Herbal Remedies For Breast Enlargement

Herbs are known to effectively stimulate breast growth. Used by therapists for centuries, these herbs also effectively solve the problem of low breast milk supply. Though there are innumerable cosmetic treatments available to make the size of the breasts bigger and fuller, herbal remedies are accompanied by fewer side effects which make them a safer alternative. But like any herbs and remedies, herbs also come with a safety precaution that it should not be consumed for a prolonged time frame without the consultation of a physician.

breast enlargement

Herbal Remedies that Stimulate Breast Growth

Several herbal medications can stimulate the growth of the breasts, making it a viable alternative for cosmetic breast surgeries and treatments.


Used in many kitchens, fennel can be used to enhance the production of estrogen, which effectively stimulates the breast growth. The best breast stimulant, one must use the extracted oil from the fennel that can be massaged onto the breasts on a regular basis. Apart from enhancing the size of the breasts, the fennel oil also reduces the risk of breast cancer occurrences.


Blessed Thistle

This herb’s functionality is different from that of fennel, and it enhances breast growth by triggering the response to the hormone called prolactin, that is involved in the production of breast milk. Generally safer than other breast enhancement herbs, it should be taken for short periods of time.



A known treatment for problems such as low breast milk supply, fenugreek can be used in vegetables and seasonings to also enhance the size of the breasts.



Seeds of this herbal plant is known to boost estrogen compounds such as dianethole and anethole. Such characteristic makes anise a great herbal stimulant for breasts.


Licorice Root

Known to increase the production of prolactin and estrogen, consumption of licorice root also enhances the development of breast tissue. Used in breast enlargement treatments for centuries, licorice root can create slight discomfort related to menopause.


Red Clover

A flowering herb, the plant’s leaves and flowers contain high amount of isoflavones – a compound similar to estrogen and is also found in other herbs such as soy and alfalfa. According to experts, the isoflavones in red clover triggers an increase in the levels of estrogen in the body which also acts as a hormone enhancer.

red clover

Green Tea

Used for centuries as an herbal remedy for various bodily problems, green tea consists of high concentrations of polyphenols antioxidant. The antioxidant is a known remedy for women who want to enlarge their breasts.

green tea

Evening Primrose

The oil contains fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid that helps fight any pre-menstrual syndrome while increasing the breast size.  Grown in parts of North America andEurope, evening primrose can also treat a range of skin problems.

evening primose


Another traditional and effective breast enhancer, alfalfa contains high amount of estrogen-like compounds. Though effective, one must consult a physician before ingesting the supplements of alfalfa as it can interact with other medicines and drugs.


Hops Extract

Known to be a common breast enlarging ingredient, hops extract serves as a host for Fusarium mold that can lead to the growth of the breast sizes.

hop extract

Dong Quai

Known to be an effective treatment for all gynecological problems, dong quai is known to contain certain formulas that can enhance breast growth.

dong quai