5 Effectual Home Remedies For Poor Circulation Treatment

Home Remedies For Poor Circulation Treatment

Home Remedies For Poor Circulation Treatment

Essential nutrients can only reach the human body cells through the blood circulation system. Insufficient flow of blood to the cells will render them ineffective as the essential nutrients will not be able to reach them. The cells in the human body need food, nutrients and energy to help the human body to function in a healthy manner. Thus, if the blood circulation is poor, the cells will fail to function properly and will thus deprive the human body of all the essential nutrients required to stay fit and healthy. 

Causes Of Poor Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation in the hands and legs of the human body occur due to a number of causes. It is the responsibility of the human heart to address all the extremities in the human body and work hard to help the blood reach its destination cells, to avoid common problems of blood circulation in the limb area.

Poor blood circulation in the limbs is a result of spider veins and embolisms. Some chronic lung, heart, and kidneys diseases also cause poor blood circulation, mainly in the lower extremities in the human body. One of the factors that contribute to constricted blood flow in the human body is excessive intake of caffeine and its stimulating effects.

Symptoms Of Poor Blood Circulation

High blood pressure, hypertension, stroke, varicose veins, peripheral artery disease, heart disease, kidney damage, aneurysms, arteriosclerosis, Raynaud’s disease and phlebitis are some of the other diseases that lead to improper blood circulation in the human body.

Some of the most common symptoms of improper blood circulation are a feeling of numbness, loss of sensation or tingling in the hands, feet, or toes, temperature changes in the skin like coldness in hands, feet, legs, and ears, fatigue and fall in energy levels, hair loss, vertigo and a feeling of dizziness.

Home Remedies For Poor Circulation Treatment


Exercises For Poor Circulation

Another way to improve blood circulation is through regular exercises and physical activities. However you must consult your physician before taking up any form of physical activity. It is advisable to begin with mild exercises before adapting to a rigorous physical training regime. Some exercises that can get the blood pumping instantly are walking, swimming, and biking. Apart from the above, here are some herbs and home remedies for poor blood circulation treatment.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is considered to be amongst some of the best herbal remedies to cure inadequate blood circulation. Blood flow is smoothened by this herb as it stimulates the heart and dilates the blood vessels. This herbal ingredient can be consumed in a capsule form or mixed with a glass of tepid water. To improve the memory and strengthen the blood vessels have Gingko Biloba.

Cayenne Pepper For Poor Circulation

Onion & Garlic

To improve the functioning of your heart, blood vessels, and nervous system consume onion and garlic. Blood circulation exercises as recommended by your physician or physiotherapist can also be practiced. To raise your concentration levels and decrease stress, practice meditation. This will help you to relax your body and dilate the blood vessels so that excess blood can be distributed to your body cells in order to maintain healthy functioning of your organs.

Onion & Garlic For Poor Circulation

Gingko Biloba

General blood circulation and a boost in memory can be achieved through the consumption of Gingko Biloba herb. Proper blood circulation and smooth brain functioning, go hand in hand. If blood circulation to the brain is restricted it is bound to fail in performing to perfection. Like me, you can also try drinking ginger tea or take a ginger bath as it helps to keep the body warm.

Gingko Biloba For Poor Circulation

Other Treatments

In addition to the major herbal remedies discussed earlier to improve blood circulation, you can also try holistic treatment processes like hydrotherapy, reflexology, yoga and stretching, acupuncture and massages. Post 10 days of this treatment you can also consume Rhustox 30, a homeopathic remedy for best results. This new medication can be repeated for another 10 days daily before going to bed.

Suggested Diet For Poor Circulation

A proper balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables is essential to improve the blood circulation in the human body. Oranges with high levels of bio-flavonoids to promote blood flow as well as strengthening capillaries and watermelon which is considered to be a natural source of lycopene, and is also known to help prevent plaque buildup which is restricts healthy blood circulation are considered to be ideal for proper blood circulation. Vitamin B3 rich nuts are also considered to improve blood circulation. Sugary sodas, fruit drinks and saturated trans fats must be avoided to keep the blood thin and enable easy passage through small blood vessels in the body.

Diet For Poor Circulation

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