8 Herbal Remedies For Mood Swings

mood swings

Mood swings are when you go from one extreme emotion to the other without any particular cause. For example, you may feel happy one moment and then very sad the next moment. There is an unexpected and sudden change in the mood leaving you and the people around you completely baffled.

mood swings

Mood swings can be rather frustrating since you feel you have no control over your emotions and consequently life. People suffering from mood swings do not behave this way purposely.

Their emotional fluctuation is a direct result of hormonal imbalance being created in their bodies. Mood swings are very commonly seen in pregnant women and premenopausal women. Both the stages result in hormone fluctuation in the body. These hormones are what govern our emotions. Do not despair over your mood swings. They can be cured if you follow simple remedies regularly.

Herbal Remedies for Treating Mood Swings

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a commonly known herb that is widely used in tea form to lose weight. However, not many people are aware that chamomile is an herb that has calming effect on the mind as well as on the body. One feels peaceful and happy with regular use of chamomile. It is considered a great mood uplifter. The herb is available in tea form as well as pills. However, before you start using chamomile check with your doctor. The herb is known to react negatively when used along with prescription medicines.

chamomile tea


Ginseng is a Chinese herb that is used as a home remedy to help strengthen the immune system as well as to make the body strong. But the herb is also known for curing mood swings that are related to menopause. The flip side of using ginseng is that it cannot be used as a long-term treatment. It can be used only intermittently and not regularly. There are chances that the herb will react with other prescription medicines. The herb is available in pill form and should be used only as a supplement.


St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort is a widely known and used herbal supplement. The herb is very effective in treating mood swings as it helps balance the hormones. Check with your doctor before taking the supplements of the herb. People who are on anti-depressants or who have had nervous break downs in the past because of severe depression should not be taking St. John’s wort.

Even people who are taking other prescription medicines should avoid using the herb as it may result in side effects. When taken by itself, St. John’s herb has absolutely no side effects.

St John’s Wort

Evening Primrose Oil

Many times women are given supplements of evening primrose to help them deal better with premenstrual syndrome. The oil is particularly useful in stabilizing the mood since PMS often results in extreme emotional reactions. But the herbal supplements of evening primrose are not recommended for people who are on medication for schizophrenia.

Those with a history of seizures or epilepsy should not use the herb. Someone suffering from blood related or clotting related disorder should also avoid the herb. There have been reports where evening primrose has resulted in side effects when taken with other prescription medicines. Therefore, check with your doctor before starting on the herbal supplement. The herb is available in pill form.

evening primose

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh and estrogen are very similar in their composition. Hence, the herb is thought ideal for use in women who suffer from the deficiency of the hormone. This is also one reason the herb is widely used for treating mood swings related to menopause and premenstrual syndrome. However, with black cohosh one has to be very regular since the effects of the treatment are seen only after two weeks.

It normally takes two months for the herb to cure the condition completely. You have to be regular and patient all this while. Side effects of the herb include dizziness and lightheadedness. Some women have also had bouts of fainting while taking this herbal treatment. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not drive if you are on black cohosh treatment.

Black Cohosh

Passion Flower

Passion flower is one herb that is being used for the past 300 years for treatment of mood swings, anxiety, stress, nervousness and irritability. The herb is a natural sedative and helps calm the mind and relax the muscles. All this makes it excellent for a good night’s sleep. If you use passion flower for treating mood swings then take the herbal supplement at night before going to sleep.

The herb is available in pill form and the recommended dosage is 500mg every day. The herb has no side effects if taken alone. However, it is not to be used along with medicines for depression, blood-thinning and sleep apnea.

Passion Flower


This is an herb that grows mainly in Pacific Islands. Kava is well known for uplifting the mood and in helping the mind remain peaceful and calm. Using the herb makes you feel contented and happy. Taking 300 mg of kava every day will not only help with mood swings but also improve your cognitive performance.

The flip side of using this herb is that it can result in liver damage. Do not use the herbal supplement along with prescription medicines. Also avoid coffee and alcohol when taking supplements of kava.



This herb is not known widely but that does not decrease its effectiveness in treating mood swings. Herbalists use the herb as a mild sedative. The herb is used for treating sleeplessness, anxiety and nervousness. The herb produces the feel-good chemical in the brain thus immediately uplifting the mood. Valerian is available both as tea as well as in pill form. People who use the herb on a long term basis suffer from withdrawal symptoms once they stop taking the herb.

When taking herbal supplements for mood swings it is recommended that you avoid driving and using heavy machinery. Some of the herbs have sedative-like effects on the mind and body thus reducing alertness. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should take the herbs only after consulting their doctors.


Anubha Pandey