5 Herbs For Nerve Damage

Herbs For Nerve Damage

Herbs For Nerve Damage

Nerve damage is referred to as neuropathy in medical terms and is the result of some other medical conditions or can be caused even due to reaction of the body to certain medications. People suffering from nerve damage suffer from either complete numbness or severe tingling sensation in the hands and feet or other parts that may have been affected. 

The nerve damage can be treated using some medicinal herbs but it is important to take your doctor’s opinion of the condition to find the underlying cause. Always use herbal remedies in the recommended doses for best results.

Herbs For Nerve Damage

St. John’s Wort And Vervain

St. John's Wort And Vervain For Nerve Damage

St John’s wort and vervain are known as nerve and muscle relaxants because they have mild sedative properties that help relax the nervous system by getting rid of the inflammation of the nerves.

When the swelling of the nerves goes down they become less constricted; reduced inflammation also helps with faster and better healing of the nerves. Supplements of both the herbs are available in many drug stores but take only the dosage recommended by your doctor.


Many people know that ginger has anti-inflammatory properties as well as other medicinal properties that help reverse the damage caused to the nerves. Ginger is readily available and easy to use; remove the skin of the ginger and chop it into very small pieces.

Ginger For Nerve Damage

Add the chopped ginger to a pan of boiling hot water and boil the herb for 10-15 minutes on medium heat. Strain and drink. 3-4 cups of ginger tea will greatly help in reducing the inflammation of the nerves and the pain felt as a result of the inflammation.


Arnica is a popular herb and is used as a major ingredient in many herbal oils. Arnica oil, when applied to head, helps relax the mind by getting rid of headaches and migraines. The herb contains compounds that help bring down the inflammation of the nerves responsible for the aches. To treat nerve damage you can use arnica in liquid extract form but never consume it undiluted. To be on the safer side, apply the extract to the areas that experience nerve pain. Do this 2-3 times during the day to prevent as well as to treat the pain.

Arnica For Nerve Damage


Flaxseed is a rich source of omega- 3 essential fatty acids that have proven useful in treating inflammation of the nerves. By getting rid of the inflammation of the nerves it becomes easier to heal the broken and damaged nerves. Flaxseed is easily available in pill and liquid extract form. You can even eat two tablespoons of overnight soaked flaxseeds first thing in the morning.

Flaxseed For Nerve Damage

Butcher’s Broom

Butcher’s broom is a well known herb that is commonly prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors to improve circulation of blood in the body. The herb is also used in the preparation of topical creams meant for relieving nerve pain. The anti-inflammatory effects of the herb make it useful in treating nerve damage. You can use the herb in either topical cream form or in supplement form. Regular use of butcher’s broom will bring down the nerve inflammation and also reduce the pain associated with the condition.

Butcher's Broom For Nerve Damage

Anubha Pandey